Julieta Chiara: Her story

About me

In 2017, Julieta decided to start a blog as a memoir to her life, but instead found a bigger mission. Her passion for human sexuality, and specifically female empowerment, became the mission of her voice. 


While blogging about sexuality and creating a voice for herself, Julieta's blog and reach flourished beyond compare. As a trusted voice in the industry, Julieta grew her social following through captivating content, educated blogging and outreach, product collaborations, and putting a new face to the era of normalizing human sexuality. 


Using her education and creative talents, Julieta portrays adult health and wellness through consumer friendly content, while educating her community on different concepts within the sensual health field. 

With a gap in the adult space for consumer friendly content and marketing, she translated her passions into helping other brands. through content creation, social media management, and various a la carte sercives- julieta is sparking a new era of what it means to be a brand in the adult space.